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On the one year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, in September of 2012, I launched The Undercurrent, a grassroots political web-show in collaboration with The Young Turks Network. I had been a member of the Occupy Los Angeles media team as a blogger; soon became a self-taught videographer; and then travelled the country to film protests. The idea behind the show was to cover rallies, protests, conferences, and other events across the political spectrum, and get activists, advocates, and legislators on the record on a range of issues, but with a particular focus on Wall Street reform, money in politics, and climate change.

In 2013, I moved to Washington, DC to work for American Family Voices, a progressive non-profit that sponsors the show to this day. Along the way, I have held many politicians accountable, gone undercover at ALEC conferences, exposed the Koch brothers, and counter-stung conservative conman James O’Keefe.

But this show is like David vs. Goliath — I have a small team and limited financial resources. If you appreciate independent journalism, please consider donating to American Family Voices.


4 thoughts on “The Undercurrent

  1. In reference to the O’keefe sting, you guys can’t stay on the sidelines and think that’s the end of it. They push these narratives below the radar, constantly. You guys need to pay attention. I’ll go even further, the FBI needs to get involved.

    By the time many of you look up, the narrative will become fact. Liberals need to be more engaged. Many of you are not interacting with a diverse enough group or reading alternative information.

    See link: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-10/activists-are-hoping-turn-trumps-inauguration-one-biggest-riots-us-history

    Similar sites are pushing the same narrative. It’s not an accident. There needs to an effort to get front of this.

    Don’t be naive, the GOP and their supporters are trying to destroy the idea of liberalism. Unfortunately, much of the what the party has embraced over the years have contributed to the perception that liberals are corrupt. Because of 3rd Way, Neocon Dems, that’s not far from the truth.

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