Political, not polite… Dissent is the highest form of patriotism. I don’t toe any party lines.  Looking to unite the disenfranchised and resurrect the American Dream.

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12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Lauren:

    Great to meet you today – just want to say that the story you’re doing and the light you’re trying to shed is a wonderful thing. Anything I can do to help, whether it’s posting what you end up writing, or otherwise posting about your work with Occupy LA, I’m happy to do it.

    Great website. Fits my sensibilities!

    I’m sure we’ll meet again soon.

  2. Interesting blog you’ve got! Even though I don’t agree with quite a few things…I see in your blogroll “naked capitalism”…which is interesting! As far as my knowledge goes libertines are hedonists, I consider myself a libertine…and for that capitalism is the road to take…

    But anyway…once more, nice blog! Cheers!

  3. Hey Lauren,

    It was great meeting you last night. Thanks for sharing your website with my friends and I. As a Graphic Designer I love what your doing with your visuals. Keep up the good work.

    Let’s talk sometime.

    Chris (guy with the mo-hawk)

  4. I’m enjoying hearing you on “Background Briefing”–right now–though I wish I did not have to listen for thirty minutes to finally learn your name. I consider myself essentially a Libertarian (but certainly NOT a Neocon)…and am insistent about ending these damnable wars, the “free trade” treaties and the diabolical and thorougly detestable “War on Terrorism.”

    I also am resolute about keeping globalist, CFR political operatives–like John Kerry and Hillary C–out of office….and with supporting independents like Jill Stein, Mayor Anderson and Bernie Sanders (though the last does not seem to be saying much about ending the psychopathological wars…which–in a close parallel with Vietnam–never seem to end).

  5. Big “thumbs up” on your version of “It’s the Real Thing.” Moderation? Uh-oh…many good folk who may be responding might be accused of “immoderate–or libidinous–behavior,” including yourself. ; ) I imagine I’ll meet you via Twitter, but the fact of only extremely small messages permitted….is something I find objectionable.

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