Ted Cruz: Natural Born Canadian

With just seven days until the Iowa caucus, this morning Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump tweeted that Ted Cruz should either settle claims of his eligibility for office or get out of the race. What was initially dismissed as trolling by both Cruz and the media has turned into a legitimate question for many voters. And some legal scholars agree.

Suits challenging Cruz’s eligibility have already been filed in Texas and Utah, but others are sure to follow. Progressive firebrand Congressman Alan Grayson is pledging to file, and Trump himself is mulling it over.

Against the odds, Ted Cruz is uniting both the right and left — uniting them against a common target. Who said Ted Cruz is divisive?

Graphic below is a Lady Libertine original.   

Natural Born Canadian


4 thoughts on “Ted Cruz: Natural Born Canadian

  1. As Ted Cruz has been proclaimed to be the “Anointed One” by his Evangelical preacher father Rafael, it matters not where he was born. As long as he was born into the blessings of Jesus Christ, he is fit as a fiddle to be the authoritarian, Christ-directed, dictator of the United States. The endorsement of the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty clan, also speaks volumes.

  2. I am of the opinion that if it is true, according to many reliable sources, that Ted Cruz mother renounced her American citizenship and became a Canadian, before the birth of her son; then he cannot have dual citizenship since his father was a Cuban immigrant who became a Canadian citizen but never an American citizen.

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