The Undercurrent on Rachel Maddow

Last summer The Undercurrent released audio from the Koch brothers retreat on the Concerned Veterans for America and its efforts to undermine the Department of Veterans Affairs. Its leader, Pete Hegseth, talked at length about how the Koch network was responsible for creating the group and that CVA was using the VA scandal to attack Obamacare. I worked with George Zornick of The Nation, and he wrote about it here.

Last night, Rachel Maddow did a segment on how the idea to privatize the VA became politically popular for the GOP presidential candidates, using the audio from The Undercurrent. This story will have deep consequences not just for veterans, but for the state of our national healthcare system. I was convinced last year that the CVA was working in concert with Republicans towards a larger end game, and that is now bearing out.

Please watch the segment, and share it to spread the word that the VA is under attack…


4 thoughts on “The Undercurrent on Rachel Maddow

  1. ALOHA LAUREN/LL… hope i find u well… every time i see articles re: the VA, especially about the hospitals, it makes me think of my dad…. during his 22 years with the DAV, the last six or so as the national service director, and his 20+ years with the VA, he visited ever single VA hospital in the country, doing what he could to improve access and services to america’s veterans…. there is still a need after all of these years… MAHALO for all of your efforts…..
    btw….. the second paragraph: … “…Last night, Rachel Maddow did a segment on the how the idea to privatize the VA …” … there is an extra “the” b4 “how”…… aloha from the north shore of maui……

  2. This twisted drive to hamstring government is certainly demonstrated boldly in the CONS attempts to privatize the VA, the Post Office and Public Education in our country. Rather than creatively and conscientiously working to improve those services, they work and conspire to make them moneymakers for the 1%ers. Shame and derision should be the crop of any politician that participates in the destruction of these pillars of responsibility to the people. We will certainly lose our Republic if we hand ourselves and our government over to the profit, first and foremost, vultures.

  3. My father received outstanding coordinated care through the VA for years until his death. Unlike what i had to put together for my mom during the last years of her life in the private sector with medicare and a medigap. It is horrible to see what the right wing, Koch brothers and the House Veterans Affairs Committee has done to the VA. They have continued to attack and demoralize the system. They think Veterans can get great care in the private sector it’s because they have figured out how they will make money. All the healthcare leaders and clinicians are leaving VA because of the constant abuse by Congress and the media. Who is going to take care of our nation’s veterans?

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