Cruz Supports Giving Fast Track Authority on Trade to Obama

At the Citizens United Iowa Freedom Summit, I asked Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) whether or not he would support giving Fast Track Authority on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal to Obama despite his mistrust of the president…


6 thoughts on “Cruz Supports Giving Fast Track Authority on Trade to Obama

  1. What do we export??? We exported our manufacturing overseas and to Mexico. What we still produce here, like in the technology sector, we use foreigners on H-1B visas. What agriculture that we produce, we use illegal migrants to produce. Again, what do we have left to export that is truly American owned and made that we don’t already export? NAFTA killed out automotive and agricultural industries. The TPP and fast track authority will be 100 times worse.

  2. I thought cruz would be our answer to getting our country back…..but this is not our answer !!!!

  3. Cruz is a globalist shill; the controlled opposition. All Cruz supporters who want to preserve American sovereignty please note the Senator Paul not only read the TPP but also has been vocal in his opposition. Stand with Rand!!! This TPP is global governance and has nothing to do with ‘free trade’. This is NAFTA on steroids and NAFTA has nearly destroyed our Middle Class. This is serious.

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