Lament of the Plutocats

Thought you might all enjoy my latest animation project, “Lament of the Plutocats.” It was partly inspired by a Politico article called “Lament of the Plutocrats,” by Ben White and Maggie Haberman, that discusses the feeling of persecution amongst bankers. But mostly it was the recent spate of ridiculous comments from these bankers…. like billionaire investor Sam Zell, who said, “The one percent work harder. The one percent are much bigger factors in all forms of our society.” The video also features venture capitalist Tom Perkins, Home Depot founder Ken Langone, and Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.

I figured it might be entertaining to take the fat cat metaphor to the next level, so here you go… Obese cat bodies with the heads of finance guys, saying ridiculous things… Enjoy! And please like & share on Facebook, and subscribe to AFV on YouTube…


2 thoughts on “Lament of the Plutocats

  1. very effective, Lauren. I wonder what would happen if you put some of your efforts into identifying democracy where it is working and made that as appealing as these videos are.

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