Introducing… The Undercurrent

Hey, everybody, I have a new webshow with The Young Turks called The Undercurrent. My first episode featured the Occupy one-year anniversary in New York with on-the-ground interviews with Code Pink’s Ann Wright, Brooklyn congressional candidate George Martinez, organizer Radio Raheem, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, and veteran activist Lisa Fithian. There are many other interviews that I will cut up into individual segments for YouTube, so please subscribe to my channel at laurenwindsor27.

The show is meant to be a platform for all grassroots news– Occupy, Tea Party, libertarian, environmental, and any other. Accordingly, I am seeking media submissions from activists and citizen journalists. Send me your events, information, and media at If I can cover your event in person, I’ll try to do so. If I use your media, I will credit you on air. Join the media revolution today!


3 thoughts on “Introducing… The Undercurrent

  1. Congratulations on your new show. Please try to cover anti-war protests and as many events as you can. We need more people like you exposing the truth and interviewing those who will never have the opportunity to be heard via mainstream media.

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