United Republic Citizen Journalist Competition

Dear friends, family, and readers,

United Republic is a grassroots movement aimed at getting corporate money out of politics. The organization, in conjunction with Link TV and Digital Citizen, is sponsoring one citizen journalist to cover both the Republican and Democratic conventions… This person could be me–with your help!

One of the major judging criteria is the amount of green thumbs up and Facebook likes I can garner for my video…

Please click on this link:  United Republic Citizen Journalism Competition – Lauren Windsor

Then watch my video and click the green thumbs up AND “Facebook like” to vote to send me to cover the conventions. When you do that, a share box will pop up in which you can type out a message to friends… Shares will help me tremendously–so please do so saying something along the lines of “Please vote to send my friend to cover the conventions!” If you have Twitter, please tweet the link to your followers. If you can do a mass e-mail, that would be great, too… I need you all to be my video evangelists!

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing, tweeting, or e-mailing, please at least “like” my video. Needless to say, this would be an amazing opportunity for me to be in the thick of the election action, to deliver compelling commentary and news reports. I can’t get there alone, though…




5 thoughts on “United Republic Citizen Journalist Competition

  1. ALOHA to you LL/LW ….. will do what i can …. and must….. good luck and look forward to reading your reviews from the two corporate-controlled, republicrat conventions….

  2. ALOHA LL/LW….. will do what i can….. and must….. it will be a treat to read about your experiences and coverage from the two corporate-controlled, republicrat political parties…..

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