No Holds Barr: Round 2

Author of “No Holds Barr: The Co-opting of the Green Party?” Lauren Windsor submits to questioning by Eric Weinrib, former campaign treasurer of Roseanne Barr and a key subject in the controversy within the Green Party surrounding her candidacy. Please note that I consented to interview by Mr. Weinrib, of whom I was critical in my article, despite his refusal to be interviewed himself. Barr did not respond to interview requests.

I kept the editing to a minimum to provide as much raw footage as possible. Please watch the interview below:


2 thoughts on “No Holds Barr: Round 2

  1. So…. have Barr’s people made any use of this interview? And why did he want you to answer on the premise that people wouldn’t hear the questions? This whole thing is not making sense to me.

    1. Weinrib is using it in his documentary about Roseanne’s presidential run. He wanted me to answer that way because he will not be in it himself…. so be on the lookout for egregious cutting to character assassinate me.

      But I felt that it would be very telling if I submitted to questions from him, when he would not do so for me. What is he hiding?

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