Boycott Black Friday

Boycott Black FridayWhether driving to work listening to the radio or walking through the aisles of my neighborhood Rite Aid, I have been subjected to non-stop Christmas tunes… and it’s not even Thanksgiving!  It used to be that both retailers and radio disc jockeys would respect the traditional timeframe– Turkey Day ’til Christmas Day, but no longer.  It’s all-out psychological warfare to get people into the buying spirit and to goose some early sales.  Many retailers have taken this a step further, and are opening late on Thanksgiving Day, 9 p.m. for Toys “R” Us and 10 p.m. for Wal-Mart, and extra early on Black Friday to the chagrin of employees and consumers alike.

The term “Black Friday” is derived from a couple of things… 1. the profitability of retailers for the year… this is the time that many go “into the black,” that is, when they start to turn a profit for the year, and  2. the mob mentality of the throngs of crazed shoppers.  Black Friday is often the busiest shopping day of the year.

With the Occupy movement gaining traction globally, Black Friday presents the perfect opportunity for protest… boycotting a day emblematic to Wall Street profitability and crony capitalism.  I qualify capitalism as ‘crony’ because Occupy is not an anti-capitalist movement, it’s an anti-crony-capitalist one.  America does not have a capitalist system; it is a plutocracy.

Having spoken with many who support Occupy, but either can’t or don’t want to go to the physical locations thereof, I believe that Boycott Black Friday can be an extremely effective tool for sending a message to Wall Street and to Washington… that message being that Americans are tired of the status quo …that we are tired of plutocratic interests taking priority over the rights of the people …that we know who is pulling the strings of our government.

This may be the easiest protest in which you will ever participate.  I’m not asking you to forsake Christmas and the buying of gifts for your friends and family.  I’m simply asking you not to buy them on Black Friday.  I’m not asking you to do anything, really.  I’m asking you to do nothing, to buy nothing, to enjoy the holidays with your family rather than trudging out amongst the masses to brawl for bargains that are mostly cheap garbage anyway.  Protest with your purse, and boycott Black Friday!


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