American Hypocrisy

Republican presidential contender Michelle Bachmann, Tea Party darling and outspoken critic of social welfare programs, continued to report income from her family farm in Wisconsin on her 2010 income disclosure earlier this month.  The farm received $260,000 from the government between 1995 and 2007, primarily in corn and dairy subsidies.  In a June interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News, she proclaimed that she had “never gotten a penny of money from the farm.” debunks her statement in the article at the following link…

To paraphrase a recent episode of Jon Stewart, “It’s not welfare if it’s a program that supports you– it’s a subsidy!  If it supports someone else, then it’s welfare– clearly socialism!”  It’s time for the Republican party– with its anti-government ethos– to let go of hypocritical corporate welfare.  Big government needs to get out of the business of propping up the agriculture industry, not to mention the oil, banking, and defense industries.  Capitalism rewards risk-taking.  There’s hardly any risk when you’re banking on the government teat.


One thought on “American Hypocrisy

  1. Great article Robin,But who do I think could aaltcluy win against the Obama machine? A strong black man. . as in the brainy, charismatic Herman Cain.I’ve liked Herman Cain since the first time I heard him. As that first time was over the radio his skin color was not apparent to me. I just thought he was a bright, articulate, and practical man. I’ve been prepared to vote for him in the primaries for months. Until recently I thought I was going to be throwing my vote away. To me, it’s interesting to now see other conservatives joining me and perhaps giving Mr. Cain a chance. Failing a political victory, I’d one day like to have a whiskey and a cigar with Mr. Cain. He seems as if he’d be an interesting fellow to spend an evening talking with. I see many other potential benefits of a qualified, black candidate like Cain. Certainly, Cain’s running would neutralize the left’s cries of racism. I do have to give you credit for positive thinking here but I disagree. The left is already saying that conservative whites are voting for Mr. Cain in order to hide their racism. The left is a coalition of forces mainly comprised of racists, feminists (I’ve been looking for the female gender word analogy to ‘misogynist and I can’t find it so I’ll have to use feminist in the format of a person who hates males), environmentalists, and socialists. They feed on hate and they could not give up their strong right arm of race hatred no matter who conservatives run. They’ll just find another way to spin it. Sorry to disagree with you Robin. I do agree with you that Obama is not an alpha male and Cain will have an affect on him. That will be worth watching. I just hope that the head honchos in the Republican Party, as well as the American people, see things the same way.That’s the fear. The Republican Party is not conservative and has little more interest in the huddled masses than do the Democrats, although they’ll invite conservatives and libertarians into the tent in order to garner power. Obama is now projected to have 800 million dollars for his campaign. Of which he will have to spend none in a primary. Since Obama still can’t run on his record he is going to have to defame whomever he runs against. If the Republicans do not whole heartedly get their money machine behind a candidate, that candidate could lose. Presently, the Republicans do not like the conservative Tea Partiers because they diminish the power of the Republican Elite and siphon attention away. So, I think there will be two races. One race nationally and second race within the Republican Party to let them know that they must accept conservatives or lose from now on just as they did in 2008. The election in 2010 showed us that we don’t have to settle for whoever the Republicans say could win. I hope we stick to that format now.

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