Corn-dogged at the Iowa Straw Pole… er Poll…

Michele Bachmann reigned victorious at this year’s Iowa Straw Poll, an early contest for vetting the Republican field.  While a Straw Poll win is hardly predictive of who will ultimately win the GOP Presidential nomination– its record is dubious at best, it does lend more credibility to Bachmann’s candidacy in the eyes of conservative Tea-vangelicals.  Notoriously gaffe-prone Bachmann polished her debate and interview rhetoric in preparation for this major campaigning weekend.  She perhaps was so caught up in the war of words that she neglected to think of the impact of inappropriate phallic images.  This comedic gold-mine is even more apropos, given the Bachmann stance that gay marriage is slavery and the rumors that Marcus, who counsels homosexuals to lead a Christian life, is himself gay.  This photo really inspired me to take the joke a step further into the comic realm…  A taste of the coming attractions follow…  (Bear in mind this is a rough-cut.)  Stay tuned for sex, superheroes, and social conservatives…


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