American Hypocrisy

Republican presidential contender Michelle Bachmann, Tea Party darling and outspoken critic of social welfare programs, continued to report income from her family farm in Wisconsin on her 2010 income disclosure earlier this month.  The farm received $260,000 from the government between 1995 and 2007, primarily in corn and dairy subsidies.  In a June interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News, she proclaimed that she had “never gotten a penny of money from the farm.” debunks her statement in the article at the following link…

To paraphrase a recent episode of Jon Stewart, “It’s not welfare if it’s a program that supports you– it’s a subsidy!  If it supports someone else, then it’s welfare– clearly socialism!”  It’s time for the Republican party– with its anti-government ethos– to let go of hypocritical corporate welfare.  Big government needs to get out of the business of propping up the agriculture industry, not to mention the oil, banking, and defense industries.  Capitalism rewards risk-taking.  There’s hardly any risk when you’re banking on the government teat.


Corn-dogged at the Iowa Straw Pole… er Poll…

Michele Bachmann reigned victorious at this year’s Iowa Straw Poll, an early contest for vetting the Republican field.  While a Straw Poll win is hardly predictive of who will ultimately win the GOP Presidential nomination– its record is dubious at best, it does lend more credibility to Bachmann’s candidacy in the eyes of conservative Tea-vangelicals.  Notoriously gaffe-prone Bachmann polished her debate and interview rhetoric in preparation for this major campaigning weekend.  She perhaps was so caught up in the war of words that she neglected to think of the impact of inappropriate phallic images.  This comedic gold-mine is even more apropos, given the Bachmann stance that gay marriage is slavery and the rumors that Marcus, who counsels homosexuals to lead a Christian life, is himself gay.  This photo really inspired me to take the joke a step further into the comic realm…  A taste of the coming attractions follow…  (Bear in mind this is a rough-cut.)  Stay tuned for sex, superheroes, and social conservatives…


What the FAA’ck!  Do your jobs, Congress, and learn how to multi-task!  You’ve been so obsessed with partisan bickering over the debt ceiling that you failed to re-authorize the Federal Aviation Administration before leaving for August recess.  In doing so, the United States may lose $1.2 billion in uncollected ticket taxes, over the next five weeks….  Not to mention the loss in earnings to 70,000 laid off construction workers and 4,000 furloughed FAA employees.

The FAA stalemate is due mainly to Republican wish-list cuts of $16.5 million in subsidies to 13 rural airports.  The subsidy was created after the deregulation of the airline industry in 1978 to ensure that remote communities would still have airline access regardless of profitability.  In some cases the subsidy amounts to $3700 per ticket at its high, $9 at its low.  The entire cost of the rural airport subsidy is roughly $200 million.  Republicans object not only to the subsidy, but also to a provision allowing for easier unionization of airline workers, and thus are not willing to re-authorize the FAA.

The FAA has lacked a long-term funding bill since 2007, and has since operated through a series of 20 short-term extensions… yes, that’s right– 4 years ago!  So much for fiscal responsibility!  So much for job creation and shovel-ready projects!  We can’t even keep the jobs we already have authorized, or collect the airline taxes the government is already owed!  The ongoing debt ceiling and FAA debacles AND myriad other examples of bureaucratic bullshit should teach us at least one thing— we are sooo FAA’cked!